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We love creating and telling unique stories, especially when it’s intercultural.

At Adele Studio, we aim to create content with meaning and purpose, to help forge connections and find common ground.

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Founded in 2015 by Scarlett Chen, we are a global creative production company specialising in creating content for the East and West, with offices in Melbourne, Australia and Hangzhou, China.

With experience in quality commercials, short films, documentaries and feature films, we bring a wealth of knowledge in consulting, developing and producing content between the east and west, as well as an extensive network in China.

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Film fuels a desire for deeper cultural understanding, allowing us to find commonalities in our humanity.

We want to inspire and facilitate intercultural conversation.

Having grown up straddled between two cultures with deep roots and affections for both, our purpose at Adele Studio is to help others navigate the large expanse between the East and the West. We like to peel back and reveal the subtle cultural nuances that often go unnoticed, to help each other understand a different culture and background, to forge a connection and to find common ground.

Film, when done well, is a powerful cultural medium that shows the perspective of the other.

Whilst our world moves towards perceived globalism, there is still a chasm between the cultures of the East and the West. So now more than ever, our generation seeks to grow in understanding of each other, through exchanging cultural experiences, and embracing each other’s personal stories - from one human to another.

At Adele Studio, we can assist in creating and conveying your message to an Eastern audience.

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Adele Studio is an award-nominated film and production studio with locations in Melbourne, Australia and Hangzhou, China.

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