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Creative Direction & Cultural Consultations

Whether you are a Western business looking to reach a Chinese audience, or a Chinese business looking to reach a Western audience, Adele Studio specializes in advising on cultural customs, traditions and nuances, as well as best practices to make your campaign marketable based on your target audience.

We carefully analyse your creative campaign brief, and provide in-depth explanations of the strengths and weaknesses, giving you creative recommendations specific to your campaign. 

What does your 45 minute consultation include?


  • A cultural deep-dive analysis into your creative campaign brief
  • Strengths and weaknesses of creative campaign brief
  • Recommendations for heightening your creative campaign according to your target audience
  • 15 minute Q&A to answer questions
  • Soft copy of your presentation

Why choose Adele Studio to consult your creative campaign?

This is our background, and we understand the creative landscape across both Western and Chinese cultures. Growing up straddled between two cultures with deep roots and affections for both, our purpose at Adele Studio is to help others navigate the large expanse between the East and the West. We peel back and reveal the subtle cultural nuances that often go unnoticed, to help you understand a different culture and background, to forge a connection and to find common ground. We’re not like other creative production companies.

Make your creative campaign a success – let’s work together. 

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