Creative Concept & Direction


Creative Concept & Direction

Creative Concept & Direction

You know your goods and services, and we know how to create a visual, meaningful and impactful campaign for your brand. We work closely with you from the initial concept, to the final approved creative campaign brief.

At the heart of all brainstorming will be your core message – we can help advise culturally and creatively on your campaign brief. 

What's involved in creatively directing your campaign?

  • Make a creative concept – we will work with you to develop an overall tone, mood and feel for your campaign’s core message.
  • Present a creative campaign brief – we will present a storyboard or concept board for your campaign, explaining reasons behind certain decisions from both a creative and cultural perspective.
  • Write a script or storyline – should your campaign require written prose or spoken dialogue, we will work with you to develop and finalize your script or storyline.
  • Translation into Mandarin – if your script or storyline requires translation, we can provide this service.
  • Creative elements – from models to props, locations and music, we can provide a list of necessary creative elements to bring your campaign into production.
  • Deliverables – let us know what deliverables you require your final products to be in.
  • Throughout this entire creative process, Adele Studio will advise on cultural customs, traditions and nuances, as well as best practices for marketing your campaign based on your target audience.

Why choose Adele Studio to creatively direct your campaign?

If you’re looking for a competitive edge, we exist to create modern content that will resonate with your target audience. We understand the creative landscape across both Western and Chinese cultures and can help navigate the large expanse between the East and the West. We’re not like other creative production companies who either only know the Western market or the Chinese market – we know both, and can use this to your advantage.

Let’s make an impactful creative campaign brief together – email us today.

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